Photography Scavenger Hunt

Click here for the current round, as well as past rounds and winners.

What is it?
A fun game to encourage you to shoot and create.

Who can participate?
Anyone and everyone with a device that captures photos.

How do I play?
Create an image to fulfill a category. Submit one image per category for the current hunt. There will be 10 categories per round.

How do I submit my images?

  • All images must be submitted by email only. Please email to Be sure to attach all 5 files in one email.
  • Name your file with your initials and the category (i.e. TMwild.jpg)
  • Please resize your image to 1000 px on the long side. If you could change the dpi to 72dpi, I would greatly appreciate it. This will make your file size around 1mb to 1.5mb.

Don't forget to include in the email your name and a link to your website, blog, or social network page.

Do I need to watermark my submissions?
Watermarking is completely optional. If you do watermark your photographs, please make sure the watermark is not distracting from your overall image.

When is it?
Each round of categories will be released the first of the month. You will have 3 weeks to complete as many of the categories as you would like. Submissions will be due by midnight the 21st of the month. Winners will be posted on the blog and Facebook page by the end of the month.

Are there any rules?
Yes, there are:
  1. Images must be taken during the current scavenger hunt period or up to two months before the current period. No photos from last year's vacation.
  2. All submissions must be G rated.
How will the entries be judged?
Judging will be based on the fulfillment of the category, creativity, and appeal. Only images submitted by the deadline will be accepted for judging. The judge's ruling is final.

Who will judge the images?
Various people. There will be a different judge for each round we play.

Will there be a winner?
Yes. One image per category will be chosen as a winner. There will also be an Ultimate Winner, chosen from the category winners. Prizes will vary for each hunt.

How will my images be used?
By submitting your photographs and participating in the Photography Scavenger Hunt, you are giving Franklin County Area Photographers (FCAP) permission to display and share your submitted images on the FCAP blog, Facebook page, and Google+ page. FCAP will link the images to your personal website, blog, or social network page if possible, if you provide a link. You retain all copyrights and licenses.

If you have any other questions, please email, leave a comment, or post on our Facebook page.

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