Monday, June 10, 2013

Winners for April/May Photography Scavenger Hunt

And the winners are...

But first a sincere thank you to our judge, Chet Gaugh of Photography by Chet, for taking his time to choose his favorite images from this month. We very much appreciate it! Be sure to click the link and head over to his Facebook page to follow him.

12 see the collection
This one stood out immediately but I did like the creativity of others as well. I loved the creative thought and composition. I love this photograph.

by Michelle Turner

creepy see the collection
Capturing the mood can be a difficult for a photographer. I thought this one did just that. The chairs on the porch helped set the mood as well... Great job!

Nick Horstmann

I kept coming back to this image because the photographer captured this bee well. This was one of my hardest choices because there was another photograph that I also felt deserved some credit, and that was the humming birds. While both were great shots, and both fit the category, the bee photograph had a great composition. Great shot.

by Nancy Quartermous

hat see the collection
The composition of this is what drew me to this photograph.
by Tyann Marcink

your camera see the collection
Good idea and good composition.
by Michelle Turner

statue see the collection
Great composition. Great shot. Loved the creativeness behind this photo. This one really stood out.
by Nick Horstman

staple see the collection
Good eye, I like the point of view that was given. Good depth of field in this photograph.
by Nick Horstman

hot drink see the collection
I loved the execution and light in this photograph.
by Michelle Turner

police see the collection
The composition and light in this photograph drew me to choosing this shot. I felt there were some good ideas in this category.
by Nick Horstman

line of at least 4 people see the collection
This was my hardest decision. I had to come back to it a few times before I made my choice. There were three or four great photographs in this category. I felt that this capture was outstanding and stood out as one that was unique and showed creativeness. This was an excellent photograph and tells a fantastic story.
by Jacquie Oerman

And the top overall image is:

12 by Michelle Turner

Congratulations, Michelle! Be sure to message me to claim your lens bracelet prize, sponsored by Marcink Designs (!