Photo Critique Thursday

Each Thursday is Photo Critique Thursday. This is your chance to critique other photos or to submit your photos to be critiqued.

All critiques may include the good, the bad, and the long as the comment is constructive.

Examples of constructive comments:

  • I love how your brought out the purple in the clouds.
  • Great job on capturing the texture in the sand.
  • Your use of the sun as backlight really highlights the facial features.
  • Placing the rock in the foreground really makes the whole composition.

Examples of nonconstructive criticism:

  • Yuck!
  • You really think this is worthy of someone looking at?
  • I could do better than that.

Examples of pats on the back that are not constructive (save these for Facebook/Google+/Flickr/500px/Pinterest):

  • Great capture!
  • Nice!
  • Pretty sunrise!
  • I wish I had a camera like yours!
  • If only I knew how to take a picture like you do!

And how to submit your photo (only need to do one of these):

  • Post your photo on the FCAP Facebook wall.
  • Share a link to your photo on the FCAP Facebook wall.
  • Email a link or the picture to

Then be sure to note that you are submitting it for Photo Critique Thursday. If you have any questions, let me know!

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