Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Photography Scavenger Hunt

FAQ and Rules
{In my best Monday Night Football voice}:
Arrrrrrreeeee youuuuuuu reaaaaadddddyyyyyy?????

Here are your categories:

  • signage
  • green
  • money
  • shadows
  • top
  • mug
  • stranger
  • unfinished business
  • time
  • square
For social media (Pinterest board, Google+, etc.) use #FCAPmarch2012.

For this month, since we are just beginning our game, the prize is only for the top winner. Prize is a $10 gift card to Steak N Shake or your choice of a landscape 8x10 fine art print from Marcink Designs, sponsored by Marcink Designs. Judge for this month will be Tyann Marcink, of Marcink Designs (this means that images I submit will be for participation only).

All category winners, as well as the top winner, will receive a special FCAP graphic to display on their website (or blog, Etsy listing, etc.) that they are a winner. There will also be a participation graphic for everyone to use as well. Please see the FAQ and Rules page for these graphics (will be available shortly if you do not see them yet).

Here are the rules again, as well as answers to most questions. If you have a question that is not listed, please post a comment below or on Facebook, or email

If you would like to sponsor a future month, or know of someone you can ask, please let me know! Just email with the information.

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